Managing Emotions

Managing Emotions as a Parent of a Child with Dyslexia

Discovering that your child has dyslexia can be an emotional roller coaster for both parents and young people.

This video discusses some of the common emotions experienced by parents during and after the assessment process and how to focus on supporting your child.

Talking to Your Child About Dyslexia

This next video is about talking to your child about their Dyslexia, why it is important to be honest and open about this, and some of the useful resources that might facilitate this conversation.

Additional Resources

Talking to your child about Dyslexia

If a diagnosis of dyslexia has been made and your child needs to have extra tuition, within or outside of school, this will need to be explained to the child very carefully. Again, the more information you have the easier this will be. When explaining dyslexia to your child, you have to translate the results of the assessment into plain language. You also want the child to know that dyslexia is nothing to be ashamed of, that help is available, and that there is no reason why the child should not achieve to his or her potential.

See dyslexia differently

This animation seeks to preempt misconceptions among young audiences by shedding light on the real challenges dyslexic children face whilst also acknowledging their strengths and potential.

The topics we will cover in the Empowering Parents section are: