Supports & Accommodations

Accessing Supports & Accommodations

Understanding the supports your child may need, the qualifying criteria and application processes, is very important for parents to be aware of. In this section we explore the supports and accommodations available and relevant application procedures.

Additional Teaching Support in School

This video will talk about some of the additional teaching support available to students with Dyslexia in Primary schools.

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Irish Exemption

These videos will answer questions parents might have about the Irish Exemption, including the qualifying criteria and other issues to be aware of when applying for the Exemption.

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Assistive Technology

This video will introduce the topic of assistive technology, some of the key factors to consider when deciding what technology may be best for your young person with Dyslexia, as well as the assistive technology grant offered by the Department of Education.

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Reading Schools and Classes

This video discusses the option of Reading Schools and Reading Classes for students with severe Dyslexia, and the factors to consider if you are looking to apply for one.

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Transitioning to Second Level School

This video discusses some of the key factors to consider when choosing a post-primary school for your dyslexic young person, and some tips on how to support them in making the transition to second level.

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The topics we will cover in the Empowering Parents section are: